1. I work from home which has always made cleaning my house an easy task to do. I could spot clean and do regular cleaning in between my working hours, as they were so adjustable. But all of this soon changed. After I had my first child the responsibilities became heavy on me because I had no help. After my second child, I had to reach out for help because my home needed more attention and I did not have enough time. My first trial for home cleaners was JR Express Cleaning Service. The experience changed my life and made it so much easier. Now I can concentrate on my work and my kids because I receive excellent bi-weekly house cleaning services from them, and I can take care of the little touchups in between.

2. In my last year of college I made the decision to live off campus in a rented apartment a few blocks from my school. It’s not an expensive condo with luxury services so I knew I was definitely going to need some cleaning services. My friend recommended a few cleaning services for me before and I tried them without being satisfied. When I moved into my next apartment, I tried JR Express Cleaning Service and boy there was a difference! It felt like entering into a brand-new apartment and the costs were friendly to my budget as well.

3. For a long time, I felt I was wasting time on cleaning services for my office until I came across JR Express Cleaning Service on the internet and decided to try it because of their wonderful reviews. Well, I haven’t looked back since then and I recommend anyone who wants quality cleaning services at affordable rates.

4. I have used JR Express Cleaning Service with a regular cleaning contract for my newly finished construction cleanings and working with them was a delightful experience. They always delivered exceptionally detailed cleaning of even the messiest places. I will keep using their service for sure because of quality results.

5. We moved into our new beautiful waterside house with ceiling to floor glass windows and doors couple of months ago. The view is breathtaking but not so much when the windows get dirty. My husband and I used to try and restore the look of our wonderful windows on the weekends, but the process was tedious and most times we had to give up mid-way. We tried one or two window cleaners before JR Express Cleaning Service. Other services were good but their flexible window care plans fit our needs best.
6. My entire house is rugged and it is a hard job to maintain those carpets. JR Express Cleaning Service does it so easily and I can use my carpets for longer as they stay clean with their regular services.

7. Every summer we require pressure cleaning around our house because we hold many events and air pollution is increased in this season. JR Express Cleaning Service has never failed us in all these years of using their services.

8. Our restaurant is an award-winning restaurant in this locality of Nottingham. We know this isn’t only because of our own efforts but also the cleaning service we receive from JR Express Cleaning Service