Corporate office cleaning

A dirty room is an unpleasant sight. It especially does not speak well of an organization to have a dirty office because the customers’ opinions are paramount to the success of any business. We can take care of your office cleaning needs and leave the place looking sparkling and neat for you to represent your company properly with a good impression on your valued customers. You can avail our services on a daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on your specific preference. Assigning your employees with cleaning tasks will not work, especially if it is a large office. They could be late and unable to clean before the start of office hours, or they could have more important tasks and cleaning could distract them from those tasks, or they could simply not know how to clean an entire office properly because they are not professionals. Let us do the work for you professionally so that they can focus on their own work. Our corporate cleaning services include:
• Dust office furniture
• Clean restrooms
• Vacuum carpets
• Clean and shine hard surface floors
• Clean windows and glass doors
• Empty trash

About US

JR Express Cleaning Service's mission is to provide the customer with all residential and office cleaning services in an environmentally sound, completely trustworthy, and professional manner.


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